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201-4440 Cowley Crescent
Richmond, BC
Canada V7B 1B8

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Caring For Your Catch

Storing your catch

Unless requested otherwise, your fish was cleaned, filleted, vacuum-packed and flash-frozen shortly after reaching the dock. 

Before storing your catch in your home freezer, inspect each vacuum-pack to ensure the seal is still intact. Jostling during transportation may cause the seals on some bags to be compromised.

If you notice the seals on any fillets have been compromised, be sure to consume these fillets first or arrange to have them re-packaged before storing them.

Checking on your St. Jean's order

If you placed an order with St. Jean's Smokehouse & Cannery, please allow at least 8 weeks before contacting St. Jean's for delivery. If your trip was late in the season, keep in mind that their processing time can extend to 10 weeks.

St Jean's Cannery and Smokehouse

High 12°C / 54°F

Low 10°C / 50°F

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