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Whatever your level of experience, the steelhead is one of the world's premier sport fish and should be on every angler's to-do list.

In British Columbia we are blessed with a number of truly great game fish, both in salt and fresh water.

For the coastal angler, Chinook, Coho, Pink and Chum salmon all offer ranging degrees of challenges. In freshwater, Rainbow and Brown trout are abundant in lakes and rivers throughout the province.

BC's reputation as a world class angling destination is justified by the presence of all these great fish.

And then there is the Steelhead…

The most prized of fish

Steelhead is a species that evokes in many anglers a sense of reverence that is only matched by Atlantic salmon, bonefish, tarpon, and Chinook. Among many knowledgeable anglers, the steelhead is the most prized of all of BC's great game fish. Rivers like the Dean, Kispiox, Bella Coola, and the Gold, are justifiably famous in angling lore.

Haida Gwaii Rivers

What is not as universally known is that Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) also provide excellent opportunities for the steelheader.

Rivers and streams throughout Haida Gwaii, which may not have the reputation attached to the province's better known systems, quietly produce consistently strong runs of this magnificent fish.

The Yakoun, Mamin and Tlell Rivers are all known to residents and discerning international sportsmen as systems that provide excellent angling. These rivers and streams year after year yield exceptional results and are among the best kept secrets in the Province.

Unique lifecycle of the Steelhead

Like the other salmonids found in the North, Haida Gwaii steelhead swim to their native streams to spawn in the November to May period and are known as winter fish. After emergence from gravel the juveniles may remain in freshwater for two to three years before migrating to the ocean to feed and mature, returning to spawn two to four years later. And, unique to the Pacific salmon, some will return to spawn for a second or third time.

Migration during their "sea life" stage can be very extensive - fish tagged in the Gulf of Alaska have been recovered in the interior of BC and in Washington State - testimony to the hardy nature of the species.

This "hardy nature" is also reflected in the legendary fighting capability of the species, whether taken on the fly, spinning or drift fishing. Often, to avoid "spooling", the steelhead fisherman has to quite literally run after a hooked fish.

This is understandable when their size is considered. Steelhead range in size from the common six to ten pounds, up to the world record size of 42 pounds. Steelhead of 36 pounds (Kispiox) and 28 pounds (Campbell River) have been recorded in BC.

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