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Tyee Club Salmon Fishing at Langara Island

Tyee Fishing at Langara Island

by R.D. Berger, Past President of the Tyee Club of British Columbia

Imagine fishing the way they did in the 20's and 30's, from a small open rowboat in Pacific Ocean waters. Langara Fishing Adventures has allowed me to realize a dream — fishing in the most productive waters on the West Coast, in the lap of luxury, using the approved methods of the Tyee Club of British Columbia.

The Tyee Club, founded in 1924 and based in Campbell River, BC, is a world-renowned sports fishing club that helped to standardize sport fishing on our coast. The object is to catch a chinook salmon, 30 pounds or larger, using light tackle, and fishing under strict regulations that consist of using artificial lures with single hooks while being rowed or rowing yourself. Light tackle is required (rods between six and nine feet in length) and line test can be no more than 20 pound. The angler must never relinquish control of the rod, and no one can assist the angler except in netting, gaffing or releasing the fish. When a fish hits it's a total rush, but patience is key.

I've fished with these methods for over 40 years around Campbell River, but first had the privilege of coming to Langara Island in 1988. It quickly became one of the most exciting and fascinating fishing experiences of my life.

In 1996 I arranged to have one of my own rowboats brought up here for use each year. After nine years of rowing for chinook at Langara I am still experiencing the same thrill today.

I have found the most productive locations to fish have been the Graham Island coastline across from Langara, such as Gunia Point, Bruin Bay, Marchand Reef and Chanal Reef. Cohoe Point is one spot where I was lucky enough to catch two wonderful fish in one tide — 52 pounds and 37 pounds — whoa, that was an amazing day!

Langara Fishing Adventures are truly pioneers of the sport fishery at Langara Island and continue to be pioneers today, by helping me bring this unique method of fishing to the waters of Haida Gwaii.

I generally am up at Langara Fishing Lodge at the beginning of July each season and I invite anyone who has the yearning to fish the old fashion way to join me for a tide or two in pursuit of the elusive Tyee. It would be my sincere pleasure to introduce this method of fishing to anyone who has the desire.

Langara Island is the most wonderful place in the world to fish, and even more so from the perch of a rowboat!


For more information, visit The Tyee Club of British Columbia.

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