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Sep 12, 2016
River Steelhead fishing in Haida Gwaii, BC

Steelhead season at Kumdis River Lodge is just around the corner. From winter to early spring, the rivers of Haida Gwaii will be teeming with these hard-fighting fish.

Langara News, Haida Gwaii
Jul 27, 2013

The waters around Langara Island play host to an incredible variety of wildlife. In fact, most of the fish, mammals and birds we see here are so abundant that it is 'rare' for us to report on a rare wildlife sighting.

But this season we've encountered two endangered species whose presence at Langara Island is truly historic.

Oct 15, 2012
Graham Island, BC, used in Moonrise Kingdom map

What's the connection between British Columbia's Haida Gwaii islands and Moonrise Kingdom, the great Wes Anderson movie that came out earlier this year?

The film industry in BC is pretty big, and anyone from here has likely seen plenty of TV shows and movies in which Vancouver or parts of the province are masquerading as other places around the world.

Langara News, Haida Gwaii
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