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Sep 13, 2017
River Steelhead fishing in Haida Gwaii, BC

Steelhead season at Kumdis River Lodge is just around the corner. From winter to early spring, the rivers of Haida Gwaii will be teeming with...

Langara News, Haida Gwaii
Aug 25, 2017

The waters from Cohoe Point to Langara Rocks have been hosting most of the action this past week, with Andrews Point probably the better spot for both Chinook and Coho salmon. Lots of bait is still holding in this area and it’s keeping the salmon interested.

Fishing Report
Aug 13, 2017

We’re heading into the final stretch of our 2017 season — just one month left in what has been a great summer here at Langara Island.

Fishing Report
Aug 04, 2017

Fogust has officially arrived! That, and a persistent NW wind have been the predominant conditions this week. We’re seeing plenty of sunshine burning through the fog, but the wind is currently restricting most of the fishing to the east side of Langara and the Graham Island shoreline -- but the Chinook have cooperated quite nicely this trip.

Fishing Report
Jul 29, 2017

A trickle of big springs in the first half of July turned into a torrent of Tyees these past two weeks.

We had already seen a few in the 40s this season, including a couple flirting with 50-pounds — serious sizes on any trip, especially in a year that has featured more Chinook in the teens than 20s.

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