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Fishing Report: August 15, 2016

Posted on: Aug 15th, 2016

The Graham Island shoreline was speaking softly this weekend, but carrying some big fish. Spots off Langara Island have been hosting the bulk of the bites lately, but the weightier fish are mostly being found in Graham’s waters.


Five years in the making! #chinookin #langarafishinglodge #slab

A photo posted by @brendan.grant87 on

A 51-pound Chinook, caught and released near Cape Knox, and a 52-pounder, caught and released in Pillar Bay, bracket a series of Tyees that have been landed along the Graham shore this weekend.

Some nice salmon in the 30-40 pound range were also found at Bruin Bay, Boulder Point, and Seath Point.


Thanks for the Tyee this morning @sweet_steviej !! Looks like I'm adding another fish hook to the hat #langarafishinglodge

A photo posted by Graeme Johnston (@instagraeme44) on

The Jalun River area has also been producing some Chinook and Coho this week.

But if you want to stay busy on the boat, the waters from Langara Rocks around to Egeria Bay have been seeing more consistent action lately.

Andrews Point leads the way, producing on both tides, both near and offshore, both shallow and deep, for both Chinook and Coho.

The flood tide is bringing in strong numbers of salmon. They’re being found on the drift past Langara Rocks around the start of the flood.

A few hours later, around the end of the flood, you can usually find these fish moving into Cohoe Point and Egeria Bay. The Bluffs, just south of Egeria, is holding a lot of needlefish right now. Guests have been hitting Chinook here as shallow as 6 pulls.


Such a beautiful sunrise fish this morning. Flat waters, double headers and humpbacks #nofilter #beautifulbc #langarafishinglodge

A video posted by Graeme Johnston (@instagraeme44) on

We finally got a break from a week of foggy mornings, when Saturday welcomed us with clear skies.

Some SW swells kept the west side pretty quiet, but the top of the island has been producing for the bottom fishers, with chicken to turkey-size Halibut and Lingcod being brought up.

Pods of Pacific white-sided dolphins showed up this weekend, adding to the boring old everyday sightings of Humpback and Killer whales, Bald Eagles and all the other spectacular wildlife around the island.


Can't avoid some amazing eagle spotting at #langarafishing #langara #baldeagle #olympus #olympuspen

A photo posted by Anna Korpela (@annakatrituulia) on



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