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Fishing Report: August 21, 2015

Posted on: Aug 21st, 2015

It’s shaping up to be a strong finish to the 2015 season — just 3 weeks remaining and the salmon and whales keep rolling in!

This past trip has seen its share of big fish: several 40+ and lots of 30+ pounders, with the best being a 48-pound Chinook caught and released off Gunia Point.

Boulder Point has been the best along Graham Island. The bait here is very thick and attracting lots of hungry salmon. It’s a good ‘stick-and-stay’ spot, hosting pretty consistent action on both tides throughout the day.

Some nice bites have also taken place at neighbouring Gunia Point, Bruin Bay and Seath Point, and a handful of boats got into a good batch of salmon off the Jalun River.

Andrews Point has been hot spot around Langara. It had a great first-light bite the other day and has been solid all day long, as well, for both Chinook and Coho salmon.

Another great spot for Coho has been deep into Egeria Bay on the ebb tide. Cohoe Point is also yielding salmon on both tides.

One 30-year Langara veteran had great success yesterday fishing the flood tide drift way offshore, starting off McPherson Point and taking it all the way around to Parry Pass. They found a rich vein of both Chinook and Coho out there.

Both Killer whales and Humpbacks have been a regular sight around the island this week.

The Humpbacks are more actively feeding now in preparation for their return migration to southern waters. There seems to be 3-4 Humpbacks constantly cruising the shoreline from south of Egeria Bay up to No Name Point, scrubbing the kelp beds for needlefish.



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