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Fishing Report: August 23, 2016

Posted on: Aug 23rd, 2016
Bill Gibson, Langara Fishing Lodge Manager

Here come the Coho! We’re finding a lot of Olympic-medal worthy Coho swimming around the island right now, in addition to the many Chinook.

This is turning out to be one of our better years for big Coho, as well as a strong season for Chinook. The silvers are averaging around 10-pounds, and we’ve seen some very large-looking 15+ pounders. The largest Chinook retained so far this trip is 32-pounds. Several other Tyees have been released.

The Graham Island shoreline has been better on the afternoon ebb tide. Seath Point has been the best spot for the past few days, although spots all the way west to Cape Knox have been producing.


Great boys weekend at Langara... Did not come back empty handed #fishing #family #salmonfordays

A photo posted by Nicky Menten (@jancarrel) on

Coho are being found in better numbers from Cohoe Point up towards Langara Rocks, mostly near shore but offshore seems to be consistent, too.


Night charter #fishing #langarafishing #sunsets

A photo posted by naomi eagles (@nomsienomad) on

Springs and Coho were found on the deeper side at the Rocks this morning. That is the go-to spot this time of year, where we always seem to find something down in the 40-80 pull range.


...Makes the dream work!!

A photo posted by Steve Closter (@stevecloster) on

Andrews Point continues to be the happy place for both tides and is a good bet to stick-and-stay for the day if you don’t mind waiting for the next wave of fish to arrive.

Some anglers are getting their salmon here on the shallow side and others are doing well around 30-50 pulls. That means fish are spread out through the water column looking for bait.

The winds have dropped today, opening up the island. Some persistent westerlies had been keeping us off the west side for much of the past two weeks, but we should see some nice bottom come in from there today.


Released this 31.6 Lbs babe after a good long fight. #langarafishing #langaraisland #tyee #catchandrelease #haidagwaii

A photo posted by Hannah (@hannahgfairman) on

And Al’s halibut hole, offshore of Egeria Bay, continues to yield lots of chicken-size halibut — best on the flood tide.


Sea lions hauling through the rolling swells on a breezy day in Haida Gwaii

A video posted by Callum Ayers (@callum_ayers) on

Humpback whales can still be seen all around the Island, feeding on the needlefish and herring that continue to gather in huge numbers in our waters.


soo close to not getting out of bed for this but I know by now that nature is worth it every. time. #CoxBeach

A video posted by Taylor Peacock (@taylorjeanpeacock) on


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