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Fishing Report: June 10, 2017

Posted on: Jun 11th, 2017

Our 2017 season is almost three weeks old and, until a few days ago, it has been behaving just like a fussy newborn, forcing us to put up with lots of windy wailing and wet clothes.


There’s been moments of joy — some great catches to report, and a brief stretch of calm weather during the Haida Gwaii Tournament — but overall it’s been a challenging start to the season here at Langara Island.


But we finally got some peace and quiet on Thursday in the form of sunny skies and light winds, and since then Langara has been a joy — a fresh round of Chinooks showed up, the whales are here in big numbers, and the whole island open for fishing.

This past week started out a bit tough, with some solid SE winds restricting anglers to just a few sheltered spots. Fortunately, Lepas Bay has been one of the more productive spots this season, and it offers some good shelter when those rare SE winds show up.

We’re finding salmon here off the south shore during ebb tide, and then more off the north shore during flood tide. The salmon here have tended to be a bit better than average size, as well.


Off that south shore of Lepas, we’ve also hit a good number of halibut, with quite a few guests finding them near bottom while fishing for salmon.


And just around the corner of Cape Knox, in that little spot referred to as Last Chance or the Fish Bowl, is where our largest salmon of this past week was found — a beautiful 40-pound Chinook.


At the other end of our stretch of Graham Island, Burger King (between the Jalun River and Seath Point) has been starting to fish great on the high tide slack, just before the ebb change. A good number of salmon have been found here the last few days, in about 70 feet of water drifting back towards Seath Point. Seath and Boulder Point have both been holding Chinook, and a few Coho.


Our first double-digit Coho hit the docks this week, tipping 10-pounds. They’re starting to show up in numbers, and are mostly 6-7 pounds right now, but still too early in the season to be a frequent catch.


After that SE wind disappeared, the east side of Langara got busy again. Cohoe, Andrews and McPherson have all been yielding salmon these past few days and are a good place to hang out if you want to stick to one spot for the day as both tides can be productive here.


Saturday's are for hanging on! #langarafishing #fishingbc #chromersportfishing

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Langara Rocks has been yielding salmon around the start of the flood tide, between 10-50 pulls. This is also where most of the Coho are being caught this trip.



it was NON stop whale action this year!

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We’re seeing big numbers of Humpback whales around the island right now. Most of them were a bit shy around the start of the season, likely feeding farther off shore, but they’re starting to actively feed in good numbers now near shore all around the island.

And everything else that makes this place such an incredible corner of the world is on display...

Hope to see you soon up here on the waters of Langara Island!


Why peck with the pigeons when you can soar with the eagles

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The #geology all around this place is ever fascinating

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If the tides bring it back, it was made for you and me

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Amazing day in Haida Gwaii! It doesn't get much better than this.

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Map of Haida Gwaii interwoven within the humpback whale. #haidagwaii #watercolour #humpbackwhale

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