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Googling Around Langara

Posted on: Apr 16th, 2017

Destination BC, our province’s tourism marketing organization, paid a visit to Langara Island Lodge last season as part of a project to film and map BC’s most remote and beautiful locations.

click the image to explore Haida Gwaii and the rest of our beautiful province
with Destination BC, or go to

In partnership with Google Maps, Destination BC traversed the far corners of our province with Google’s Trekker camera — a backpack version of their 360-degree Street View camera. They traversed over 900 kilometres by foot, horse, boat, canoe, floatplane, and helicopter, from the Canadian Rockies to the mystical islands of Haida Gwaii.

click the image to visit Flowerpot Rock at Langara Island, Haida Gwaii.

Explore Langara Island on Google Maps

If you are a regular Langara guest who has not yet visited the Kiusta village site, walked the soft sands of Lepas Bay, or stood in the shadow of Flowerpot Rock, you can now explore these wonderful sights through Google Maps.

Click the image to visit Chief Edenshaw's totem pole at the Kiusta Village site.

And if you have only dreamt of fishing with us at Langara Island, you can now enjoy an angler’s view of some of our island's best fishing spots and scenic shorelines.

Click the image to boat around Iphigenia Point at Langara Island.

If on a computer or laptop, click here to visit Langara Island on Google Maps.
If on a phone or tablet, download Google’s Street View app here: iPhone/iPad, or Android.

Some tips if viewing on your computer or laptop:
- zoom in on Langara Island in Google Maps
- grab the small yellow figure in bottom right corner of map and drag it over the map until you see blue shaded areas or lines appear, then drop the figure onto the area you want to view
- once in the 360-view, clicking along a route will only advance you 10-20ft; to advance along a route more quickly or jump to other routes around Langara, use the small map in the bottom left corner of your screen. 

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