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Langara Island Fishing Report: August 25, 2017

Posted on: Aug 25th, 2017

The waters from Cohoe Point to Langara Rocks have been hosting most of the action this past week, with Andrews Point probably the better spot for both Chinook and Coho salmon. Lots of bait is still holding in this area and it’s keeping the salmon interested.

Langara Rocks has been best on the ebb to flood tide swing. The Chinook have been found really deep here the last two days — some anglers are finding success on the shallower side from 15-40 pulls but most bites are happening in the 60-100 pull range, and down deep right at 100 pulls was the best number on Thursday.

Coho salmon were thick around the island last week but have been showing up more in waves this trip. We’re finding nice sizes, though, many in the 10-13 pound range, and another 16-pounder to match the largest of the season caught a couple weeks ago. There are some good numbers of Chum around, too, helping to keep the bites coming when the Coho are scarce.

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A couple of boats went chasing Coho way offshore from the NE corner of Langara and had great success when they found bait.

Along Graham Island, Seath Point and Boulder Point have hosted some action around the tail end of the flood tide to start of the ebb.

These waters had been very quiet the past couple weeks, but they’re showing signs of life this trip. A 40.5-pound Chinook was landed off Seath Friday morning.

And the salmon are getting bigger... #canadafishing #fishingallday #salmonfishing

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It’s been a good week to sharpen your salmon identification skills — with lots of Chum and Sockeye around, and the odd Pink, it’s possible to land three, four, or even five species while you’re here. Haven’t heard of anyone hitting for cycle on one day yet, though.

The southerly winds have kept the west side closed for much of this trip, but lots of nice 10-30 pound Halibut have been found off the north side and in the usual spots east of Langara.

Humpback whales are still present around the island, although their numbers appear to be dwindling a bit as the end of their feeding season approaches. And there are still plenty of other beautiful species to find here at Langara Island...

Spread your wings

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