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Aug 15, 2016

The Graham Island shoreline was speaking softly this weekend, but carrying some big fish. Spots off Langara Island have been hosting the bulk of the bites lately, but the weightier fish are mostly being found in Graham’s waters.

Fishing Report
Aug 12, 2016

We’ve been enjoying very strong fishing for both Chinook and Coho this week, hampered only by some persistent fog that has settled around the island every morning, but it’s been clearing most afternoons to reveal some clear skies.

Fishing Report
Aug 08, 2016

The NW wind machine that had been running all week finally slowed down a bit this past trip.

Fishing Report
Aug 05, 2016

The salmon at Langara this week? Large and lots of them.

Fishing Report
Aug 01, 2016

Some handsome-looking, and handsome-sized, fish have been found swimming in our waters this past trip. Tyee-size salmon have been caught in multiple areas, keeping our boats spread out along Graham Island and the east of Langara.

Fishing Report

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