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Aug 12, 2013

This has been another truly great weekend for anglers at Langara Island. On Sunday we had an all-day bite that seemed to be taking place everywhere around the Island.

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Aug 09, 2013

The fish are following the fish this trip, or maybe some very hungry runs of salmon just arrived at Langara -- wherever the herring balls appear the salmon seem to be right there with them.

Fishing Report
Aug 06, 2013

Both the fishing and weather were red hot here on Sunday, with the guests bringing in the highest number of fish this season and doing it under mostly clear skies and calm winds.

Serious bites were taking place all day long from Andrew Point out to Burger King. And it didn't...

Fishing Report
Aug 02, 2013

This lone Pacific white-sided dolphin was spotted playing near the fishing grounds earlier this week.

The guests have had to migrate with the fish this trip, as most of the salmon seem to have moved from the Graham Island shoreline up to Cohoe Point and Andrews Point.


Fishing Report
Jul 30, 2013

Fishing has been consistently good in areas all around the island recently, but the patterns shifted this trip when a large mass of bait showed up around Coneehaw Rocks late Sunday morning, and then off the Bluffs south of Egeria Bay in the afternoon.


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