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Oct 15, 2012
Graham Island, BC, used in Moonrise Kingdom map

What's the connection between British Columbia's Haida Gwaii islands and Moonrise Kingdom, the great Wes Anderson movie that came out earlier this year?

The film industry in BC is pretty big, and anyone from here has likely seen plenty of TV shows and movies in which...

Langara News, Haida Gwaii
Aug 31, 2012

It's been a fantastic trip for both weather and fishing, here in Haida Hawaii. Sunny and warm on the east side of the island, and the westerly winds have finally died down so the west side of Langara has been open for all the guests eager to go bottom fishing.


Fishing Report
Aug 27, 2012
BC Salmon Fishing

A persistent NW wind has been hounding us this past trip, and will likely continue for the next few days. But we are still finding some nice Chinook and fat Northern Coho in areas east of Langara and along Graham Island.

Fishing Report
Aug 20, 2012

The great fishing continued this weekend. Just a few weeks left in our 2012 season and we're still enjoying a strong abundance of both Chinook and Coho salmon in our waters.

Fishing Report
Aug 17, 2012

This past trip has been great for Chinook salmon, following a week in which the Coho seemed to be taking over. Guests have been enjoying some very active fishing in multiple areas around the island.

Fishing Report

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