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Sep 01, 2014

These fish reports haven’t changed much in the past month — it’s been 30 days of quality fishing, and most of it has been centred off the east side of Langara Island around Cohoe and Andrews Points.


Fishing Report
Aug 29, 2014

Solid, awesome, spectacular, consistent, and steady. Tough to pick one adjective to describe the fishing the past few weeks, but all of these apply.

This last trip has been very productive for both salmon and bottom fishing. Cohoe...

Fishing Report
Aug 18, 2014

The early birds continued to get the best worms this weekend, with the AM action being strongest by far, and most of the pressure being concentrated around the east side waters of Langara Island -- so no change from last week.

Fishing Report
Aug 15, 2014

Setting your alarm clock early was a priority this week, as the quality of fishing has been much better in the morning versus the afternoon.

The east side of Langara Island continued to be the most productive area. Cohoe, Andrews and McPherson Points have all seen strong bites,...

Fishing Report
Aug 11, 2014

The ever changing Chinook pattern has not disappointed this trip. The most consistent spots have been Andrews Point and McPherson Point, which both had consistent early morning bites again, but after that it was more random action all over.

Fishing Report

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