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Discover Haida Gwaii

The natural environment, wildlife and culture of Haida Gwaii make it a destination that belongs on the must-see list of every world traveller.

Wildlife & Whale Watching

Few places on earth play host to a greater variety of living creatures than Langara Island.  Whales, especially humpback and killer whales, are the most dramatic of the creatures that can be seen here, and rare is the trip that does not feature several sightings.  Dolphins, porpoises, sea lions, Bald Eagles, and countless other fish, bird and marine mammal species are also commonly seen.

Haida Culture

Immerse yourself in the mythical culture and natural beauty of Haida Gwaii.  Meaning "Islands of the People" in the native Haida language, these islands are home to one of the North America's oldest and richest native cultures.  

Archaeological surveys of the islands have found artifacts dating back as far as 10,000 years.  At Langara Island, remains of ancient villages and totem poles still stand guard along nearby shores, and can be toured on most trips during our season.


Langara guests have the opportunity to see and explore areas of Haida Gwaii that few people have ever visited.  On a morning, afternoon or all-day excursion, helicopter tours can take small groups to remote and scenic areas of the islands to enjoy beachcombing, hiking or spectacular aerial sight-seeing.


Whale Research

Learn more about Langara Island's whale populations and the research we support.

Langara Field Guide

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Langara Island
Langara Field Guide