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Whale Research at Langara Island

For over 20 years Langara Fishing Adventures has been supporting whale research at Langara Island.

Twice each season our lodges host a team of marine mammal researchers from Canada's Pacific Biological Station.  The work they conduct here has proven invaluable to the understanding and conservation of British Columbia's whale populations.

Humpback whales

Over 500 different humpback whales have been documented around Langara Island – a number many times the total count of identified humpbacks prior to this research starting. This threatened species seems to be making a strong comeback on the West Coast, and one of its most important habitats is the Langara Island area.

Killer whales

Their research has also led to a much greater understanding of killer whales. In recent years an entirely new ecotype of killer whale has been identified, largely through studies conducted at Langara Island.

Many other cetaceans can be seen here at certain times in our season.  Recent sightings include gray whales, minke whales, pilot whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins and Dall's porpoises.

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