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BC Salmon Fishing

Fighting a wild Pacific salmon belongs on the to-do list of every angler, and there's no better destination to encounter this magnificent fish than Langara Island.

Salmon Species

All five species of Pacific salmon can be found at Langara Island.  

The star attractions here are Chinook salmon, ranging from 15 to 70+ pounds, and Coho salmon, from 7 to 20+ pounds.

Chum, Sockeye and Pink salmon can also be encountered here.  At certain times of the season it is not uncommon to catch 3 or 4 different salmon species in one day.

Prime-time, all season long

The salmon here are in the absolute prime of their life.  Thousands of distinct runs of these hard-fighting fish visit our waters during the spring, summer and fall.  They gather in Langara's protective waters to feed hungrily on needlefish and herring, before continuing their migration to natal streams throughout BC and the US west coast.

Ocean fly fishing

Langara Island’s sheer abundance of salmon, and many protected bays and kelp beds, allows for exciting ocean fly fishing.

Fly fishing for coho, chinook and pink salmon, as well as black rockfish, can be enjoyed at Langara Island by any guest who has some fly fishing experience.

Why Langara Island?

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Low 10°C / 50°F

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