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Alaska View Lodge offers easy access to virtually all areas and activities throughout these mystical islands, and our staff can assist you in planning your stay with their great knowledge of the local area.

Haida Culture & Museums

The Queen Charlotte Islands is more appropriately named Haida Gwaii, meaning ‘Islands of the People’ in the native Haida language. These Islands are home to one of the world’s oldest and richest native cultures. This culture is showcased in numerous museums and galleries around the Islands. The many abandoned village sites found throughout the Islands are testament to the incredible history of the Haida people.

Hiking and Beachcombing

Naikoon Provincial Park, which encompasses most of the northeast corner of Graham Island, is home to some of the best hiking and beachcombing on Haida Gwaii. Numerous trails, with hikes ranging from a few hours to a few days, offer access to the park’s dense forests, scenic hills and hidden lakes. Rose Spit, a long finger of tidal sand on the northeast tip of Graham Island, is an ecological reserve and habitat for many local and migratory bird species. North Beach is the place to go on the Islands for crabbing and clam digging.

Wildlife and Bird Watching

Few places on earth play host to a greater variety and abundance of wildlife. Marine life, such as whales and dolphins, can often be seen when fishing or sea-kayaking. The Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary, located near Masset, offers incredible bird-watching, particularly in the spring and fall when this area plays host to millions of migratory birds.


Kayaking is a great way to intimately explore the scenic coastlines and isolated islands of Haida Gwaii. Several outfitters offer multi-day sea-kayak tours to the islands of Gwaii Haanas National Park. Day-long excursions in scenic protected waters, such as Masset Inlet and Rennel Sound, can be enjoyed by novice kayakers. Kayaks and equipment can be rented on the islands, usually for under $50 per day.

Floatplane tours

One of the best ways to explore Haida Gwaii is from the air. Floatplane tours to the rugged west coast and many isolated Haida village sites are available with South Moresby Air.

Haida Gwaii Field Guide

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